Studies and Research

Here are some links to articles about studies and scientific research on the effectiveness and results of equine-assisted therapy. For these and other press accounts of the people and organizations engaged in equine-assisted therapy around the world, please see our Facebook page.

Study finds equine-assisted therapy reduces post-traumatic stress in youth

Study shows success of specialized equine therapy for PTSD sufferers

Behavior of autistic children toward pets improved after therapeutic horse-riding

Good vibrations: Horse-riding can improve children’s learning ability, study suggests

Study harnesses healing power of horses for dementia

Study finds horse therapy helps patients focus, feel positive

Horse therapy found to improve resilience in marginalised youths

Patients with substance-use problems describe value of horse therapy

Riding as therapy: Studies focus on horseback riding for multiple sclerosis patients

Ride On Center conducts therapeutic riding research with universities. Studies examine horses’ effect on children, veterans

Horses comfort people with early onset dementia, their caregivers

Horse riders have the “right stuff”, a German study suggests

Horses help combat bullying in innovative project

Horse therapy improved memory and attention in cerebral palsy patients

Horses prove worth in getting patients to complete substance abuse treatment

Horse therapy for vets shows positive early results

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