Star (Imagine Star)

Star in arena
Star in arena.

Breed: Quarter horse

Colour: Chestnut

Sex: Male (gelding)

Height: 15.1 hands

Birthday: 6 February 1989

Star is our charmer, our senior therapy horse, who continues to love what he does and is good at it.  Still exhibiting a real zest for life, he is a secure, well trained and mannered  horse for our more independent riders.

Star came to Lucky Harvest in January 2000.  After a decade of exemplary service it was decided that although he was still in good health, he should be allowed to live out his remaining years in greener pastures.  Our Head Instructor, Louise, took him home for retirement.  After three years of a life of leisure, and the loss of his stablemate, it became apparent to Louise that Star really wanted to go back to work.  When she lined up the help of her neighbour to transport him back to the center, Star ran without hesitation to the trailer and hopped in.

Hopefully, Star will be with us and his buddies at Lucky Harvest for many more years.

Louise and Star.

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