Our People


Louise Lacey is our head instructor, and has been with Lucky Harvest for many years.  She is certified in therapeutic riding instruction by the Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association (CanTRA).  Among the many other jobs she voluntarily undertakes for us in addition is the critical one of finding, assessing, and training the horses.  And she is not unfamiliar with the use of a shovel.



The backbone of almost every nonprofit organization is its network of volunteers.  To keep Lucky Harvest going, several people wear many hats.  Some drive hundreds of kilometers every week to give their time and labour to our program.

Since the beginning of its existence, Lucky Harvest has educated volunteers—both teenagers and adults—in the psychology and care of horses.  Under the guidance of our instructors, volunteers can be trained as sidewalkers and leaders of horses performing with clients in riding sessions.  Some have become certified therapeutic riding instructors themselves.  A few have gone on to develop similar projects elsewhere.

For young people, the experience builds character and the body.  They often can count the hours they spend with us toward the community service requisite found in many high schools now.  The responsibilities and tasks they learn and carry out with us are excellent for their work résumés and future employment.

Universally, our volunteers discover that they receive as much as they give.  Communicating with horses and with the people who need them is a reward to the soul.

To become a volunteer, follow this link:  www.luckyharvestproject.wordpress.com/support-us/



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Louise Lacey

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