Huck (Huckleberry Pie)

Breed: Ponyhuck-2

Colour: Bay

Sex: Male (gelding)

Height: 11 hands

Birthday: 2001

Huck is our famous jumping pony.  His mischievous and playful personality is especially evident when he is let loose in a ring with some jumps in it.

On loan to Lucky Harvest from a local, multi-generational riding family whose granddaughter outgrew his size but not her love for him, Huck joined our therapy center in the spring of 2015.

The perfect mount for our smaller and younger riders because of his size, multi-talented Huckleberry is also wonderful with lighter, more experienced riders looking for the challenge of dealing with a big personality in a small package.

Because Huck will only respond to gentle, precise commands, he is great for  teaching riders social and communication skills.  Do it right or he won’t do anything at all!  Treat him well and he will give you a wonderful ride!

















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