Fire 1
Breed: Appaloosa 

Colour: Chestnut leopard

Sex: Female

Height: 14 hands

Birthday: 15 May 2010

Fire’s name reflects her beautiful, red-flashed coat and her playful nature when she is at liberty. She connects most readily with our teenage riders, but her beauty and “pocket pony” nature are loved by all.

Under saddle, Fire takes her job and responsibilities seriously, happily providing a safe and dependable ride to aspiring independent riders.

Fire joined our therapy program in April 2016, loaned to us by her co-owners: long-standing volunteers and friends of Lucky Harvest, Suzanne and Frederique.


Fire is close to her paddock-mate Dakota, and you can sometimes hear her whinnying for her pal when they are separated.


Fire and well coordinated friend—such fashion sense!
Fire and well coordinated friend—such fashion sense!


Fire 2

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