October 2019 at Lucky Harvest


After the ride. Tiny client helps Louise guide old Star out of the outdoor ring after a session on a beautiful Thanksgiving Saturday.

It has been a wonderful fall so far, despite the muddiness in the paddocks thanks to an abundance of rain making up for the sore lack during summer.  By Thanksgiving weekend, the trees were brightly coloured though not yet at their peak.  Still some biting flies and mosquitos about, in our idyllic, wooded spot, so face masks are still the order of the day, making the horses look outer-spacey.

After an easy-going session with his tiny client, Star gets his usual special grazing privileges: at liberty on the front lawn.

In his semi-unretirement, Star, 32, gets some exercise carrying the lightest riders.  He couldn’t be happier.  He tried full retirement and it wasn’t for him.  Now he enjoys the company and attention of friends and the at-liberty grazing of the lawn Louise lets him have while she is there.

Star wears a mask that evokes the eyes of the flies it is protecting him from.


Greeting Fire before a session.  (Photo from Chandra Labelle.)
Louise has help lunging Fire before lesson.  (Photo from Chandra Labelle.)


Fire takes client on a lunge line, guided by Louise.  (Photo from Chandra Labelle.)


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