Montreal Times article on LHP

The following is compiled from excerpts from an article appearing in the Montreal Times, 31 August 2018.

‘Horses of Hope’ Lucky Harvest reaching out to raise much-needed funds

Often referred by doctors or other specialists, Lucky Harvest has worked with clients from Ste-Justine Hospital, the Montreal Children’s Hospital, Le Centre de Réadaptation Montérégien, as well as various CLSCs across the province.

Our instructors custom design every lesson with the specific needs and abilities of the rider in mind. Each lesson is tailored to the individual needs of each rider. The lessons also help the rider improve his or her cognitive and physical abilities as well as social skills, attention span and language. Through the lessons, the rider gains a sense of control and self-confidence as they experience a freedom never felt before.

Tremendous improvements in both the cognitive and the physical abilities of riders participating in our program have been documented. The experience for someone, who has limited skills and abilities, even those confined to a wheelchair, of being able to ride a horse, has tremendous emotional and social benefits. Not only is this activity therapeutic, but it is also a wonderful sport and recreational activity that is available to handicapped people in Quebec.

The Lucky Harvest Center needs financial support to maintain its program and services. Without adequate operating funds, the center cannot continue to offer the quality program that it presently does. We are looking for support for operating costs, as well as funds to cover the costs of lessons for those individuals who cannot afford them.

You can help by going to the GoFundMe campaign and contributing any amount.

Cowboy Day promises to be a really fun day for all! A fundraiser for Lucky Harvest, hosted by Taverne de la Ferme, Cowboy Day will be held on Saturday, September 22, at La Taverne de la Ferme, 24 Bridge Street, Ormstown, starting at 2 PM. Come on down for a day full of fun and surprises to support a great cause!

On September 30, Lucky Harvest is holding it’s super-popular Ride-O-Thon, where you can sponsor a rider to find hidden treasures along the trails!

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