A unique Christmas present

Do you have a horse-lover in the family, but no horse?

You don’t have to turn your backyard into a paddock in order to give a special horse some love.  A monthly gift to Lucky Harvest in your loved one’s name, for a horse or pony of your choice, helps to provide the hay, grain and supplements that keep our horses healthy and happy as they help others.

Volunteer Heidi Autumns cuddles special friend “Snuggleberry” (aka Huck)

A monthly gift to our horses is also a gift to the people they help.  Like the ripples radiating from a toss of a pebble into a pond, many lives can be made happier by a monthly gift from you.


For as little as $5 per month (the price of a bale of hay), you can give your loved one a sense of how far caring can go beyond the backyard fence.


Click here to choose one of  our horses.

Please use the contact form below to make arrangements with us for your intended gift.  As a sign of our appreciation, the name of the designated sponsor will be posted on the stall of the chosen horse, and that sponsor will be welcome to visit and deliver some love in person to a new friend.

©  2003–2017 by The Lucky Harvest Project / Le Projet Récolte Chanceuse.
All rights reserved.





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